Space between the photos


URL for reference:

I added the photos through page builder and Image(Jetpack) widget. I was wondering how to reduce the space between top and bottom of the images. Padding is already on “0”.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello there,

To remove spaces, edit each row where your image resides in. From Row Style > expand tab Layout > set 0 in the field that says Top/bottom padding.

Alternatively, you can add this custom CSS code into your child theme’s style.css or Custom CSS Plugin.

#post-29 .panel-row-style{
  padding: 0 !important;


Thank you for this, but if you read my message again you see I say that “Padding is already on “0”.”

The link you provided didn’t work. Inserted in Simple Custom CSS.

Please advise.


Hello Eva,

Please be sure that the group of custom CSS code is error free. You can check it by using this tool:


HI Kharis,

Validated and there is no error. It may sound weird but do you mind telling me exactly, step by step where I insert the code? It is possible that I am doing it wrong.

Please mind I also asked for removing the space between the header and the content ( - can you please let me know what would be the solution?

Thank you very much.