Space between submenu


how to change/remove the spave between submenus?
Here is the site
Go to “Upute i savjeti” od the menu.


Hi Sasa,

You have set css with padding for menu items list somewhere. Maybe you have custom css in WP admin > Appereance > Customize > Custom CSS or maybe it is somewhere else. This is the css which is is creating that spacing:

#mainnav li {
    padding: 33px 10px !important;

so if you cant find where it is, try adding another code:

#mainnav li {
    padding: 0 !important;

but I can’t guarantee that it will overwrite previous one since you are already using !important at the end of it.

Best Regards!


thx for answer!
I removed the firs code and now is everything ok.
thank you