Space between projects rows


I have a issue with the “projects” i the Sydney Pro theme. I have made 10 projects, and when I see the page, there is a big “gab” or space between the to rows of projects.

But if I resize the browser, the all the projects come to be place together - and look very nice.

Any good advice, to solve this issue?


Or see the demopage and scroll down a bit.

Thanks Jesper

Hello there,

There might a script from one of you plugins pollutes the default portfolio grid behavior. The easiest way to check it is by disabling the all plugins except Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox. Reload your page and see if the issue remains. You might need to flush the cache before doing so. To find out which plugin that possibly the source of this issue, activate all plugins one by one.


Hi Kharis,

Thanks for the advice.

It was the “BJ lazy load” plugin, there was making the trouble.

Thanks again


Hi Jesper,

Thank you for updating me. I am glad to know that you’ve been able to figure it out.

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.