Space between paragraph sentences & upper/lower case on menu

Hello! Would you be able to provide instructions for:

  1. how to add more space between paragraph sentences?
  2. how to do upper/lower case letters for the menu words?

I appreciate your help.



You can install a custom CSS plugin and add this and adjust as needed:

body { line-height: 1.9; }

They are already uppercase. To do lowercase:

.main-navigation a { text-transform: lowercase; }

Excellent, thanks a lot. For upper/lower case, is there a way to get a mix, e.g., ‘Contact Us’ versus ‘contact us’ and ‘CONTACT US’?

Yeap, just replace lowercase with capitalize.

One more variation request: Is it possible to make the navigation bar all lower case and the drop-down menu items capitalized?

Yeah. Keep the previous code and add this to target the submenu:

.main-navigation ul ul a { text-transform: capitalize; }

Worked like a charm.