Space between header and page content

Hi. I am new to Sydney and like it very much. I am having a small issue that I cant seem to resolve. If you look at the link below, you will notice that there is a large amount of space between the header and the top of the page content. Its a rather large space. I have made sure the content is at the absolute top of the page in the editor but nonetheless I cant get rid of the amount of space Is there some css code or another setting that can reduce the amount of space so it doesnt seem so dramatic at the top of the pages. Here is the link:

I look forward to your response.



I was able to reduce the space with a css clip I found here. Thank You.

What css clip did you use? I am looking for a similar solution.

Hi jolcoracer

Use this. It worked for me.

.page .page-wrap .content-wrapper {
padding-top: 0;