Space Between Content

Hi there,

I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding content/title spacing, though from what I’ve tried, I can’t seem to fix my current issue. I’ve been able to tighten the space between the title header and menu, but I still have tons of space between content blocks. Please refer to the images in this folder:!528&authkey=!AMqc8Qp8M1PWtZw&ithint=folder%2C

Could you please assist with code to tighten these spaces?

Thank you!

Hi Natassia,

Could you please to post the URL of your site? because we need to check it directly.

Hi Awan,

I’m developing on my local server so it’s not accessible at the moment. Is there another option?


Maybe you can try to manage those space from the widget it self by adjusting the top/bottom padding. see this screenshot