Superb Theme!!!

See here:

Please scroll down the page. At the very bottom, the middle “employee” is the band "Mole Quartet"
I have added a link to soundcloud but it is made with twitter icon. See and you understand, please.

So how could I have SOUNDCLOUD icon here instead.
Like this:

If it just not possible, how could I show 3 columns like I have now there, but add manually links… You know, not even on the first text block “Intro: About us” I cannot have any LINKS.

Thank You!!


Sorry, it doesn’t work with Soundcloud. Only way to do it is if you have a child theme and are able to overwrite the widget and customize it as you need.

Ok, thank you!!

But how about having a link on the element made with page builder?
It seems to unactivate the links made with wordpress…


That widget doesn’t allow HTML, though we should change that in the future. Meanwhile you can use a text widget and obtain the same aspect.