Sorry but your download link has expired

The original purchase receipt with download links is no longer active. It is only a week old so that’s unexpected. I dont see anywhere appropriate to post this so Im hoping this is the spot? We got the full dev license and would like to download them thanks.


You can download your theme files at any time from

If you didn’t create an account at checkout, you can create one here (use the same email you entered at checkout):


PS If you want me to re-send your purchase receipt with fresh links, I can do that, just let me know the email address we sent the receipt to.

pls resend purchase receipt. to


pls resend purchase receipt. to

Hello A-themes when I log in to my account I do not see all my themes that I bought. Full package for one year.
I’ve written to you via mail and here inside of the page. My question is , can you send me a new link.

I have a customer waiting for three websites.

My email:

With best regards
Leif Poulsen

I just re-sent it, thanks.