Some questions

Great theme!

  1. I want to disable the transparent topframe containg logo. So the logo/name is displayed directly on the page. Where can I do that ?

  2. Also I would like to skip the sidebar and have the menuitemss directly visible. Is taht possible?

all the best !

I notice that in the mobile view the header image dont expand as far down, creating a gap to the content

the site I’m working on:

Hi, apply custom css below to remove header background (you can use simple custom css plugin or similar):

header.header-fixed {
  background: transparent;

Menu items can’t be always visible because it will look very odd on smaller screen sizes (bad user experience).

There is option for that:

Appearance > Customise > Header Area > Check this box to set [background-size: cover] instead of [background-size: contain] for the header image

Thanks for your replies: now the header image works great!
And you’re right about the menu!

One other question: how do I make a “true” on page design. I.e. all the different pages scrollble on the front page. Is that possible?

Well, that can’t be achieved, capabilities are like on demo page. Blog page and post for example will be loaded in separate page.

Ok, but separate from that. Is it possbilbe to have the main pages in one scrollable view ?

also… is there a simple way of modifing the page borders. I think there´s to much whites space. Is there a simple way of adjusting that in the css?

I do not understand you well. By default, no. But it can be altered with CSS (if you think to set each section on front page to consume whole screen). Also you can set padding for each section on front page by editing specific row.

Put your page content in place, and we are here to help you with minor modifications :slight_smile:

Yes, again with CSS.