Some posts not displaying

Hi there,

My question concerns the website

On the publication page, some publications don’t display.

This part of the website should display all the post with the category “publications”.

Do you know why only a few of them appear?

Thx a lot in advance! :slight_smile:


Looks like the issue is not about the posts are displayed or not.
All posts are displayed but there is an issue about the height of the post.
You might need this CSS code to fix the issue:

.home-blog-item {
    height: 360px;

You can add the css code in above to: Customizer > additional CSS


Hello Awan,

Thx a lot for your answer.

The remaining problem is that there should be a button called “See all our publications” at the bottom of the publications page (there are more than 6 publications) but for some reason it’s missing, even though it’s set up correctly in the Page builder plugin.

Any idea why it doesn’t display?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!


Checked your site and I noticed that you have a custom CSS code to hide the button: {
    display: none;

Please remove it, or add this to your: customizer > additional CSS:

.home-blog-section {
    display: block;


Hi Awan,

Thx so much for your help.

I deleted the first piece of code. It now says “See all our publications” which is great. But when one clicks on it finds nothing…

Any clue why?

Thx a lot for your patience!

It’s ok, apparently I had to update all my publications, which I’ve done.

Thx anyway for your help!