Some Portfolio Projects displaying title and info underneath feature image

Hi Roman and friends

Really enjoying working with Ignis Theme. I have created a few Portfolio projects and all appear good on the homepage using the Portfolio Template.

However if you click on a project type category, in this example “Restaurant Reviews” you will see that as you scroll down the page the url changes to “page-2” and now the projects on this second page have titles and info displayed. The projects at the top don’t.

How can I either remove the titles and info OR have them displayed for all projects on a project-type page?

Site is

Category is and it changes to the following as you scroll down - However if you just click on the page2 link above the projects look fine and don’t have any titles or info.

Many thanks


Hi there,

It seems there’s an incompatibility with the infinite scroll you’re using.
Are you able to edit a php file via FTP so you can try a solution?


Hi there Vlad

Yes I have access to files via ftp.

I am unsure how that could be happening as I haven’t changed any of the default settings.

However I am not wondering if the following snippet that is added via the Custom Javascript plugin could be causing the problem?


  var prevLabel = 'Older Restaurant Reviews';
  var nextLabel = 'Newer Restaurant Reviews';

  if( $('body').hasClass('post-type-archive-jetpack-portfolio') || $('body').hasClass('page-template-template_portfolio') ) {

    $('.nav-previous a, .prev-posts-link a').text(prevLabel);
    $('.nav-next a, .next-posts-link a').text(nextLabel);



Many thanks


It’s not the JS snippet.
It’s not something you changed either, just that the theme is not compatible with infinite scroll.

Go to the Ignis folder and find the inc folder. Open the jetpack.php file you’ll find inside it and near the end you will see this
get_template_part( 'template-parts/content', get_post_format() );
Change it to this
get_template_part( 'template-parts/content', 'portfolio' );

Hi Vlad

that has removed the title and excerpt but now some items are missing and some are duplicated. There should be 12 items in the Restaurant Reviews category - as currently seen on the homepage. All Project Type categories are set correctly ie. all have “restaurant reviews” and their country.

Any thoughts?!

Thanks again



You can try replacing 'container' => 'main' with 'container' => 'portfolio-wrapper'. Also in that file.
But as I said, the theme is not compatible with infinite scroll at this point so probably won’t help much. Sorry.

Hi Vlad

No that didn’t work as the projects then overlapped each other when scrolling.

So I went to Jetpack settings and under the Infinite Scroll section I changed the default of “Load more posts as the reader scrolls down” to “Load more posts using the default theme behaviour” - This seems to have fixed it!!

Thanks very much for all your help and advice

Bibs :slight_smile:

Alright, that’s great.