Some pages are not uploading well, they're all wrong

Hi there

I have a big problem with the Sydney theme, ever since I changed to your theme some pages and blog posts are not uploading well. They’re all wrong. One page is password protected and is now not working at all, even with the password. Here are 2 links to show you how it looks and (this is the same page). And this is how it should look

I would appreciate your help.

Thank you.


The password protected page is not even showing its content only the sidebar on the left side. This happens every time I try to access through Internet Explorer. With Google Chrome it happens occasionally.

Hello AnaSantos,

Can you please try to temporarily deactivate all your plugins except Sydney Toolbox and Page Builder by SiteOrigin, and see if it helps?

Please remember about importance of regular full site backups.

Kind Regards, Roman.

All working now. Thanks for the support, Roman!

You are welcome AnaSantos! :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.