Some links on mobile not working

I am having trouble with my site when viewed on mobile devices. Some links are opening to error pages, though they open fine on a desktop.

An example of this is on this post. The “duvet” link is not working on mobile, though it seems to open fine on desktop.

Another problem on the mobile site is excess white space below a couple of pictures. Not sure if that is related to my link problem or not.

My website is

Ok, I was able to get rid of the extra white space. For some reason my Google Adsense Plug-In seems to have been the culprit, so I deactivated it. However, it didn’t solve my links problem. I WAS able to get the links to work though by going onto the mobile site and using THOSE links in my blog post. For some reason some links seem to redirect to the mobile site fine when viewing from a mobile device, but some don’t. Any idea why this could be? Maybe it’s just an Ikea website problem.


Hello @timberandcrow,

I have just checked that link on Android phone and it works well.

However, it links to mobile ikea site even from desktop.

Kind Regards, Roman.