Some homepage problems


I’ve met some homepage problems.

Is it possible to get any help, please?

  • First problem
  • When the raw Facts is the second raw in my homepage, I can't see the raws who come after. And when I put the Facts raw at the end, I can the others. I don't know why. Plus the number of words change at the bottom of the page with Facts raw in the second raw and Facts raw at th end. null
  • Second problem
  • How do you put the render at the left of the Services?
  • Third problem
  • I didn't understand how put the social networks. I've simply created a menu with titles and links. But I don't know what you exactly did for the icons.
  • Forth problem
  • How to do a the footer? Unfortunately, it's stuck to my Facts raw at the moment.

Thanks for help.

Best regards,

I’m trying to recreate the exact Perth demo. I think it’s more simply to give you access to my wordpress and help me from that? I’ll directly understand when I’ll look up at the wordpress once finished. It’s more faster than reply with all the instructions I think. ^^’

Let me know.


Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you’ve run into issues. Let’s address them one by one.

> 1

I still can’t figure it out unless I can access it directly from your admin area. Please share the working login credentials to; mention the link to this thread.


Hi Kharis,

Thanks so much for your support. You are lovely. :slight_smile:

But, before that, I’ll go take a cup of coffee and then I’ll send you my access by e-mail. I just woke up actually. ^^

Thanks again. It really help!


> 1

Resolved via email support.

> 2

The “More Services?” section was built by a single row which was divided into two columns. The left column is a “Text” widget with the following settings:


More services?


<img src=""/>

Replace it with your own image.

The second column is “Perth FP: Services type B” widget.

For the sake of visual, please see this screenshot:


Oh my god. Thank you so much. It helps a lot!

Do you guys know about the social media icons and our work row?

I still have a problem with the more services section. The space between the demo and my wordpress is not the same and make everything different. It’s ugly actually. ^^’

Hello there,

Let’s resolve the third problem first. Please avoid posting other problem; post it in a new topic instead, so this support forum will be well-organized and easier to read.

I checked your social menu items. All of the address web field should be filled with the actual social media profiles URLs. If you don’t have them yet, please enter the following:


You’re right. I will do as you said.

Thank you for all the support. I really appreciate that. ^^


Now let’s jump to the fourth problem. The previous issue stopped the entire markup to be read. To display the footer content, you have to set footer widgets. Please go to Appearance > Widgets. Then put some widgets of your choice into the Footer 1 and Footer 2.



I had to choose the text widget for the footer 1 and the perth contact widget for the footer 2.

You’re so helpful. Thank you so much! :smiley:


I have problem with my homepage button is not responsive and its blinking. Second, is the the blog post, when you click the photo in mobile version turned to white and on web version it’s just blinking. Hope you can solve this problem. my website

Many thanks.


Hello Ariane,

I am sorry, I can’t reproduce the same issue on my test site. Your site might contain some script which is from other plugin pollute its behavior. To verify, deactivate the all plugins (except Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox) at once, then activate them one by one to find which one might be the source of this trouble.