Some beginner questions

Hello there.

Could you please answer the following questions considering the West theme? (It’s the first time I work with WordPress and making a website in general.)

1.) How do i change the height of the header?

2.) How do I change the background color of a page/blog?

3.) How do I make the background of a page/blog disappear, so the background picture of the site is seen there instead?

4.) How do I change the color and the size of fonts (headlines etc.)?

5.) How do I deactivate comments?

I have not used the Live Composer so far, because I want to become acquainted with Standard WordPress.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello there,

Thank you for asking. I’ll try to answer them, but could you please split them in separate topics (one topic, one question), so it will be easier to track progress and well-archived?