Some Adjust to the theme

Hy guys, first of all: Congrats for the new theme!

The first and most important adjust i would like to discuss, responsiveness… When i see the site on mobile version the menu and site info overlap with the header image. How can adjust this? Also the images off the demo content gets lost on smaller resolution.

Other adjust i want to do is show only logo (not site info), any idea?

Link to my website: My website

Regards from Argentina.

PS: Sorry for my english

Hello there,

Thank you for reporting. We’ll investigate those issue and fix them soon. To temporarily fix it, you’ll need to add the below CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    @media only screen and (max-width: 549px) {

      .has-hero .site-header {
        position: static !important;

      .site-title {
        font-size: 22px;


Thanks kharis, that css works fine!
Regarding the other subjet: make the logo appear instead the site title and
site description. Any idea hoy can i do this?

Two more questions:
1- How can i center the menu item.
2- Hoy can i change the header color after you scroll down.

Regards, Sergio.

I would like to see the little “arrow” in the lower right corner on a single page website like you see in such themes as Sydney…
Thx John

Alright, so what i noticed is also the header navigation on mobile devices not being responsive. At least not to the degree when its easily fitting into the screen and not taking too much space. So what i did is i added a code to a css file, this one:

@media (max-width: 992px) {
.header-navigation.header-floating.floating {
max-height: 80px;

And this sets the header height PERFECTLY, the logo fits flawlessly. The only problem is that once i add that to css file, it displays on PC browsers too, even tho i clearly added @media for max width 992px. Not sure why it works like that but please check it out asap. Also, the menu for mobile devices was not present at all, i had to modify some already existing parameters for it to show up but when i actually made it to show up, it shows up on PC browsers too !! but if you can make the menu appear only on mobile devices with the current style which is 3 horizontal lines then it would be perfect, and even more perfect if you made the colors customizable directly from “customize” tab when you switch it on mobile view.

While doing it and after noticing that it shows up on pc browsers, i took some action to find the reason why is it so. After spending some long hours being clueless, i finally saw that the primary header navigation is < mobile menu > which is probably the reason why it works the way it works. You can check it out using chrome developer tools. Thanks for the theme and looking forward for future updates :slight_smile:

Hello @sergio-ademza,

I am sorry, the current version of free Leto theme hasn’t had a feature to display site logo to replace site title and description text. For your other question, please write them in new separate topics. Please avoid multiple questions at once, so that it’ll be easier to track its progress.


Hello @jfkirk,

This feature hasn’t yet been available. At this time, you can use this alternative plugin:


Do you notice those issues also to happen on our demo site?

Thank you for reporting. We really appreciate it.


I was suggesting as a future enhancement.
Thank you for your reply.

(Not sure should I start a new thread, but the title is good, so I´ll toss this here and admin(s) can move it if it´s in wrong place.)

I noticed that in a “Shop” page, when you browse the products and click the "“Show more” link. On desktop and tablet sizes it shows the product image and additional texts, but in the mobile mode you can only see the additional texts.
Today when most people browse the web with mobile devices I would prefer to have the product images also visible for them. I feel the lack of images might be bad for the conversion.


Hmm… I just entered your demo, and here everything is okay, menu and even header height is perfect as well as cart displayed correctly. What i now noticed is that i have a black background on my top nav so maybe that why i didnt see the menu and started seeing it only after i changed the colors to white. The problem with ( at least mine ) header height still remains UNLESS its just my phone that is obsolete HTC 500 which really shouldnt be. Now that i enter my website on mobile the menu and everything is ok BUT, im not sure if it is not the cached version. And even if, that still doesnt change the fact that normally before i started editing anything in css file, the height of the header was twice as high as it is normally or even 3 times higher. Thats all i have to say for now ^^

Hello there,

Not sure what’s really an issue happening to you as the single product page loads the image properly on my phone as seen on the below screenshot. Maybe there some specific configurations in your site? Please share your site URL here, so I can have a look.


Please share a link to your site, so I can have a closer look.


Hi Kharis,

I´m not talkig about the actual “product” page, but the “show more” option at “shop” page.
This :

And It goes like this (1 additional text, 2 product image)…
PC browser:

Tablet size:

Phone size:


About the mobile (and tablet size) product page:
The product image is not filing the space quite correctly. I don´t see the reason to leave the white space on the left side, since consumers want their images large and good quality.

These are just minor usability adjustments that came to my mind while quickly testing your new theme. Hope you find them usable.

and now that I´m at it… this needs adjustment as well:
PC browser shows there is products in shopping bag, but it does not do that in mobile devices:




@kharisblank , are you planning to change this image visibility? I find this theme very interesting, but I think this is something that needs to be visible for the customers.

Or can you give css tags to use to get it visible?