Social profile email not working


I have three links on my social profile widget on the front page, but the email icon is not showing up. only the Facebook and twitter icons are present. The email icon is present in the menu for social links i made, its just not turning up on the front page.
website is:



You have added additional code in order to show envelope icon. Remove that code and apply custom css code below:

.social-menu-widget a[href*="mailto"]::before {

Code will target social link with href=mailto and will apply envelope icon to it like this

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hi i have added the css code, but however the mailto link does not open up a new email to that address. instead it’s opening up the parent wordpress page for the website. is there anyway we can make the email icon link to open up a new email to



You have to add it like this and it wont work from Chrome, but it will work from Firefox. It is probably disabled with some of updates because it is deprecated way to show your email, mostly because of spam.

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