Social networking button

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for this beautiful theme.
I am working on my first wordpress web site, using Alizee.
I saw there is a “f” button in the left corner on which opens up social networking menu. Very neat feature, however it isn’t showing on my site. I don’t know if I disabled it somehow by mistake while working on it, since I’m fairly new to this. If you could point me to the place where I could activate this, it would be great! Thank you for your help in advance!


You first need to create a social menu. Go to Appearance > Menus and create a new menu that contains all your social links. Than assign that menu to the Social position and that icon will appear.

I got it, thank you very much for your assistance.


The “f” button in the left corner, drives me crazy, i’m trying to enable the link on it, but first it appears in the corner, and once I put the link, tje ‘f’ disappeared behind the corner and U have to click it, but there is no cross to tell us we must click to make the f button an twitter, etc, appears !

And the worst things is that it works in editor mode but once I go as a lambda person without any connection to wordpress, everuthing disappear when it’s about the facebook icon, as it is in the corner OR even in the sidebar !

Could you please help me ?