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I recently downloaded the Moesia free template for wordpress and followed the instructions listed on the documentation template. I already downloaded and activated the recommended plugins however for some reason the social icons that appear on the demo site are not coming up on Moesia FP:Social Profile widget, instead I get these white boxes.

Please let me know how i can upload the social icons so that my website reflects more of the demo page. Feel free to take a look (keep in mind it’s a work in progress at the moment):

I look forward to your response.

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I see that you managed to show the social icons on your site :slight_smile:

Hi Vlad,

I realized that the icons are only visible on a safari browser, how can I make them visible on others like chrome, explorer and Firefox?

I look forward to your response.

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They are actually visible on Chrome, at least I see them.

Anyway, you have a cross-origin loading over there. That’s why IE and Firefox block the fonts and Chrome and Safari show them.
I’m not sure I can help you with this issue because it’s not exactly related to the theme and I’m also not very familiar with solving it.

But one thing you could try is changing your URL from to from your WordPress settings.

Oh yeah, another tip I was giving to someone else about this kind of issue is to add this to .htacces (I did not test it, I just got it from the web):

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
<FilesMatch "\.(eot|font.css|otf|ttc|ttf|woff)$">
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

I made the change to the URL as you indicated and now I can see the social icons in all browsers. Thanks for your help!

I also have problems with the social widget. The section appears on my front page, but with nothing than the title. sadly that is a local test box, so I cannot provide a link, only screenshots…

I created a menu called “social”. the menu contains links to social media and names for it.

Thanks for previous posts on here. I’ve got a similar-but-possibly-different problem on my blog: the social media icons in my footer show up when using IE, Chrome, Safari, Torch and Opera - but not in Firefox.

Can anyone tell me why this might be?

I see them on Firefox too on your website. Is the issue resolved?

Hi acabarcas.
I really like how you styled your menu bar. Can you tell me how did leave only your logo on the right hand side of your menu bar and where did you put all information after. Thank you

Hello, I am trying to change the actual social icon image that appears in the widget. or at the very least the color of each icon to match the color associated with the network. for example blue for Facebook light blue for twitter etc…

Hiero theme using AT Social media Widget
my site is

thank you so very much. I have searched the file folders and do not see an images folder so i guess it is the php widget file and the link for those needs to be changed but unsure how to proceed. Thank you so much and you guys have done a great job on this theme.

You’re in the wrong forum, this is for Moesia, not Hiero :slight_smile:

My social buttons disappear when i change the site URL.


How can I make it work?

@mvaneunen: you cannot load icons from a different domain. It will generate a cross-origin issue. It has nothing to do with the theme. You can either stop loading them from a different domain or you can see my answer above with he htaccess.

hi @Vlad,

Ik used the .htacceess hack ánd cleared my brouwser cache.
For me it worked!

I have a similar problem. The social media icons just disappeared a few days ago with out me changing anything at the site ( updated the modules).
The source code has the html of the widget, but nothing is displayed.
Any idea why? I already tried the .htaccess solution, but without success…

@dkalisch If I’m allowed to say that: I love the way how you “handle” your projects. Having the description in a lightbox and only one on-mouse-over with a link to the project post is just perfect.

@danielbierstedt Thanks, glad you like it. Let me know if you want the modified file for it. Do you happen to know why the social media buttons disappear?

Yes, I would be very happy about more info about the changes.

No, I have no idea about the social media buttons. I cannot remember what exactly my problem was, only thing I know is that it was in a very early stage.
Looking at your page I see only the landing page and blue social media icons on the bottom in the connect area. Is there something more to see?

I posted the modified style here: After you said you can see the social media icons, I checked with a different browser, and can see the icons now as well. The problem is only Safari:

compared to Google Chrome

Someone any ideas what’s going wrong?