Social Menu

I tried adding Sydney FP: Social Profile on my main page embedded to Layout builder. The icons are very big and how can I remove that header “Check out for more”.


Hello Imtiaz,

Social menu is intended to be used like on our demo - entire row, but in case that you want to reduce social icons, you can do so with custom css code below:

.social-menu-widget a:before {
    font-size: 20px;

Default size is 50px, and you can set font size according to your needs. Easiest way to apply the code is to use this plugin

Regarding section title, simply edit social widget on your home page and remove text from title field

Best Regards!

Buen dia, como realizo el ajuste de los margenes del logo del sitio. Gracias!

Hi there,

Please write your question in English language, and share a link to your site, so we can inspect it and in order to be able to generate custom css code for your current setup if possible.

All the Best!