Social Menu: Skype Link


I would like to add “Skype” to my Social Profile menu, and I have added the following into my style.css as mentioned in a different post.

.social-widget a[href*=""]::before,
.social-area a[href*=""]::before {
	content: '\f17e';

My question is, what would I enter in the URL of my skype??
I know skype offers “Skype buttons” on their own but I’d rather have this aligned with the other social icons created with the Social Profile widget.

Thanks for your help!


The code you posted needs an URL that contains in order to attach the icon. Though I’m not sure how much that helps you.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for the prompt support.
Okay, I guess I’ll have to ask skype how to generate a direct URL to call my account then…

Thank you and I’m loving Moesia! Much love from Japan.