Social Menu Links

On I have created a Social Menu with three links. The first link is to a subdomain, and the second is to another subdomain, pt.wwel***.

These two subdomains are for Spanish and Portuguese versions of the main site which is in English.

The third link in the Social Menu is to the Facebook Fan Page. The Social Menu is assigned to the pre-header area and in the first footer widget area.

In the pre-header only the Facebook icon can be seen with the naked eye. There ARE two invisible links to the two subdomains mentioned.

In the footer widget the Social Menu views correctly, with links viewable and functioning to both subdomains and to the Facebook Fan Page.

How can the links in the pre-header to the subdomains be made visible? I believe I have tried everything. Thank you. Dan


How did you create the “menu language”? Can you remove the text in the red box? (see pict)

Thank you for helping, Awan. I used the Menu page under the Appearance
tab to create the Social Menu. I can try removing that text if you tell
me where to find it. Thanks again!


Awan, I have looked and looked and I just can’t find where to access
that code to try the suggested change. But I would love nothing more
than to get past this challenge and be able to create websites in
multiple languages using the Sydney theme. Thank you again, for


Looks like you deactivated the menu on your site. Can you activate it again while I am checking on the issue?

Awan, please. Help me in earnest. I have changed nothing. I’m
attaching a screenshot. You can see the Social Menu at the top. Only
the Facebook icon is visible. But you can see the roll-over link, to
the invisible link - to the subdomain/site in Spanish.

Also, the Social Menu is in the footer. Fully functional. There has
been no change. Please help me. For 59 per year, it should be a little
better, especially in the very beginning.

Now, you mentioned modifying the code and removing some text. I
responded stating that I can’t find that code. Will you please provide
some simple direction, on where to find that code? I hate to be
personal about this, but I am stranding in Nicaragua, a country entering
a civil war. I need to be able to function, as a web developer to
continue to eat. And to avoid homelessness in a nation under anarchy.
I’m not exaggerating. Please.

How can I modify the code you referenced? And the full day delay with
each communique is a painful discovery. I assumed that Athemes was a
more established company when I made the purchase based on the price of
the theme. Can we escalate?

Awan, can you give me a hint maybe? Where I can find the code that you suggested modifying?

Also, can you tell me… will the Site Origin Pagemaker plugin work with the Sydney theme? Thank you.

Awan, to eliminate the possibility of some strange bug, I have recreated
the same Social Menu on one of the subdomains, - placing
that Header Social menu in both the header and also in the first footer
widget area.

The results are identical. In the footer area the menu functions as one
would expect. Works perfectly. BUT HOWEVER in the pre-header the two
links with text titles, English & Português are “invisible links.”

Both links are there next to the visible Facebook icon. Just like in
the original site installation. Both links work, but they are
both invisible.

Since this is really the only acceptable place on a website to lead
visitors to renderings of the site in other languages, can you please
help me fix this?

Join me in this effort. Together, we can tackle this glitch and
hopefully make Sydney a better theme at the end of the day.

Thank you so much. At your mercy.



My apologies for the delay. I am trying to find out what caused the text is not showing.

So, those menu is purposed for the social media only. You can see the Facebook logo in your facebook’s menu even you didn’t add the icon facebook to the URL, right? that’s because there is a CSS code that read the URL of the menu. If the URL contains a social media link, then the CSS code will show the icon/logo and as default, the menu text will be hidden automatically even the menu URL doesn’t contain a social media name.

Your language menu is not displayed because the URL does not contain social media name, e.g: facebook, twitter, etc.

So, here are the tips to show the menu text for not a social media menu items.
Add this javascript code snippet below using this plugin

  • English website
jQuery('#menu-language li:not(:last-child) a span').removeClass('screen-reader-text')
  • Spain website
jQuery('#menu-languages li:not(:last-child) a span').removeClass('screen-reader-text')

Please note, from the code in above, I add :not(:last-child) because we need to skip the last menu since it is the social media link.

Thank you very much, Awan! Your solution works. I greatly appreciate
your help.

I do believe this should be a function built in to the theme itself and
should not require an additional plugin and additional code.

Since the theme only supports two menus, the Social Menu (pre-header) is
the only logical choice to put links to other languages.

Maybe in a future update/release? Thank you, again.


Noted :memo:
I will tell your request to our developer :slight_smile:

Excellent Awan. It is a great theme. Just needs a few tweaks. Hopefully my participation will make it better and I can keep using Athemes themes forever!