Social Media Opening in new tab

On home page when I click on “f” icon, to open social media, (I added three social media there, Fb, Google+ & Youtube), thee icons displays, but when I click on them, it doesn’t open in new tab, instead on the same tab. How to open it in new window?


Please post a link to your website, so we can check.

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Hello there. Thanks for replying. But I’m not able to share the url of my website here publicly (For now). Is there any other way I can send you the url?


Yes, you can send me the URL in e-mail to

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Pleas try this trick:
Go to Appearance > Menu > click screen options (near top of page) > tick “Link target”

Now, when you click a menu item drop down, you can choose what the link target is (you want to choose New window or tab)

I wanted to open the social buttons in new tab. That happens in your Pro theme, but not in the free version. I don’t think that this is such feature that is to be hidden for pro.

Check this link.

All social links open in the same window, while they shall be opening in new window,like this.

Here they open in new tab.

Please say how I can open those in new tab in my free theme?

That was not related with the pro version, did you have follows the instruction in above?

I sew what you mean. Thanks for reminding again. It works as desired. Awesome. Thanks!