Social media icons with Chrome

Hello guys,

first, thanks for that great theme!
I have a problem with displaying the social media icons on Chrome. Instead of the Facebook f or the Twitter bird, only a empty rectangle is displayed. When I open the page on Internet Explorer, there are no icons at all!

Any idea how to fix this?


Oh, and on Safari it seems to work just fine!

Hi Stephan,

Can you share your page link with us so we can inspect that on our end, thanks?

Best Regards



…might be a helpful detail:
whenever I switch to a sub-page and back to the front page, I see the local ip of my webserver in the address bar, and the icons are displayed correctly.

Hi Stephan,

We have inspected your page. Problem is that you didn’t migrated WP installation from localhost to live server correctly. You have to change URLs in database. Please follow this guide in order to fix your site.

Best Regards

awesome, thank you very much! How can I tag this topic as resolved?

You’re welcome,

You cannot, we will mark it as resolved.

Best Regards