Social media icons not showing on mobile


Hi there
Great theme!
My only issue and the reason i registered is to ask why are the social media icons not showing up on mobile view?



Not sure, what device are you using?


iphone 5 but same thing happens when i make the window on my PC smaller for mobile view.

Same thing happens on your demo site too! Cant see social icons on mobile view


If you’re referring to the social widget, that’s because widgets are hidden on smaller screens.


Yes the widgets. How can I get the widgets to appear in mobile site?


They’re hidden by default, but you can add this code in a custom CSS plugin to display them below your content:

@media only screen and (max-width: 991px) {
    .footer-widget-area {
       display: block;
       margin: 0 auto;
       float: none;


Thanks Vlad. Is it easy (for a non programmer) to do this without a plugin? I already have quite a few plugins for the site and dont want to bloat it too much.

Thanks again


It’s easy to add it without a plugin. You need to go to Appearance > Editor and navigate to the bottom of the file that opens there. And add the code there.
But it’s also wrong to do it like this because it’s not update-proof.


Perfect, I will make a note of this.


I took your advice and downloaded simple custom css plugin

Seems to work well

Thanks for the great theme and prompt response 10/10 !!