Social media footers/ centered footer

is there a way to customize social media widgets in the footer for LETO? I see the widget/menu options etc. but I just want 3 icons (twitter, Instagram, and facebook) to show centered and much bigger/noticable at the bottom. So far this is what I can get. They don’t show on all pages. I want the same icons in the same footer on all pages.

this is a screenshot of the homepage with custom socials (done through elementor) and the footer is where I added the custom links in.

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The soocial icons on the footer section of the contain area can only be configured within page builder on each page. Whenever it is no accessible from a page, this not allow to diplay the same.

Ideally, you should usse site footer’s social icons that is showed site-wide.

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aThemes Support

Thanks for your reply. I understand your instruction as well. With now knowing that I have to use the theme settings, Is there a way to just center that text in the normal wordpress editor instead of elementor pro? On the normal wordpress editor (clicking the customize button) I also saw the widget options for text and products. Is there a way to center those options? Alternatively, is there an option to create a child theme? I know what that is but not how to successfully create one. Your instruction on that would be much appreciated if that is an option to solve this issue. pic included for reference