Social media button stick to each-other

Social media buttons haven’t any space in between. It looks afwul and how can I add space between the buttons.

It looks like this now:
social media buttons stick to eachother

Hi, do you have a URL to your site?

That widget is meant for front page use. That’s why it’s marked FP :slight_smile:
You shouldn’t use it in the footer.

Hahaha okay. Then is there anything for social media buttons in the footer?

Hello tselmee! You can use the widget in the footer.

  1. You have to add some code. important Use a custom css plugin/or child theme for the code.
  2. Add this code:

.social-menu-widget a:before{

3)That should result in space between the icons.

You can choose your own padding size.Perhaps 15px,20px is better for your site.