Social links on the front page

How to create social links on the front page?

I have looked everywhere on my site an cannot find the social settings. Note i did find the widget, but i am looking for the style you have on the demo.

I have the pro version/ have the 3 imports as recommended in the setting up videos.

If you look in the widget, it asks you for a menu. All you need to do is go to Appearance > Menus, create a menu and add links to your social profile using the Links tab. Then assign that menu in the widget.

Thanks Vlad. The widget can either put it on the sidebar or the footer. I am looking to replicate your front page demo social links:
(just below contact us)

Hi there,
I’m having the same issues. I’ve followed the recipe for the menu and widgets. The social icons are being displayed but when I add widgets, they are positioned vertically. I tried adding a second footer and place the other widgets there, same result: it’s not showing like your (Syndey demo). If the workaround involves CSS or PHP tweak, go ahead I can take it :slight_smile:

By the way, the info about this theme doesn’t say specifically it’s for photography but it’s a GREAT ONE for that, kudos !



Not really sure I understand what you mean. Post a link to your site please, not to our demo as I am already familiar with it :slight_smile:
The social widget simply needs to be added via the Page Builder and from it you need to select the menu you want to display.

Sorry ! it’s at here

Ah, you’re running a blog, thus not using the Page Builder. That social widget is meant only for front page use in the page builder. You should install a plugin that lets you use social links.

Hi, Vlad
How can i change colour of social buttons and background? I want the same like in demo

Just like any other row, go to Edit Row > Theme. More help on the documentation page.