Social icon - top of site


I want to place my widget “Easy social icon” at the top-right of my site.
Is it possible? Or i need an other widget?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I don’t really know how that plugin works, but I’m guessing you need one that sets a fixed position for the social icons. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with these sort of plugins so I can’t recommend any.

One thing you can do is get this plugin from the Moesia extensions page and add a social widget with it:

Hi Vlad,

I installed the Moesia plugin you mentioned and installed the “Follow Me Social Buttons” in it (needed a social icon set that included Yelp). However it is not showing up. It appears active as I can modify in the widgets section. Any leads?

Yeap, you’re using Moesia Pro 1.27. The action that this plugin hooks to was added in 1.31. It does say on the plugin page that it requires at least Moesia Pro 1.31 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Just updated the theme to 1.32. Still nothing. Do I need to delete the plugin and reinstall?

Nope, you just need to choose where you want to diplay it like it is shown in the video from the plugin’s page. Customizer > Moesia Extensions.

Ok got it. Sorry, Wordpress newbie here. I read from another member’s post that you replied that the social icons cannot be inserted under the menu. Can the Moesia extension plugin widget be modified to be below the header?

Yeap, the other plugin from the extensions page does exactly this.

Ack! Ok this is embarrassing! Did I mention that I was a newbie at all this. Sorry!

No worries.

I got it looking decent, thanks for your help and patience!! Is there a way to modify the Moesia extension widget to show the social icons flush right? In the extension settings, there isn’t an option. I tried to adjust the padding, however when the page is viewed on a smaller monitor, the social icons resort to a vertical format from the current horizontal one.

You want to add float: right;. You’ve added align: right; and that doesn’t exist in CSS. At most it would be text-align: right;, but that won’t work because the plugin’s code is floating the icons left. Not sure I understand what you mean about the vertical behavior, I’m not seeing it.

Woohoo!!! Hehe yes, my improvised html skill are showing. Is it always float right as a default? I poked around the code and looked for some sort of reference but couldn’t find anything, hence my crude attempt “align: right”.

Regarding the “vertical behavior”, I tried to just adjust the padding 5px 0px 0px 700px, which pushed the icons to the right, but when I scaled the window smaller, the icons got bunched up vertically. So I put the code back to what it was.

Thanks for your help on this!