Social Icon Link

Hi, I can’t get the social icon to link through to my facebook page.
My website is
My facebook page is
I went to Appearance > Menu > Social, and added my fb page under Links … and was successful in getting the “f” to appear beneath the header image, but it is not a clickable link, just inactive.
Please could you tell me where I am going wrong?
I am a beginner so I hope the solution is CMS-based rather than code-based!
Thanks in advance.


I see you managed to figure it out?

Thanks for the reply Vlad. But actually no, it’s not working, I haven’t figured it out. The ‘f’ appears on the site, but it’s not clickable. I’d expect it to be a link that would go through to the Facebook page when clicked. What do I do to make this happen?

In what browser are you checking? It seems to work fine for me. When you click the F button it shows all your social links, so only Facebook in your case. So the F in the triangle doesn’t lead to Facebook, it’s just to indicate that there is a social profile there.

Aha, I just checked in Internet Explorer. It works there (great!), but it still doesn’t work in Chrome. Any suggestions how to get it working in Chrome? Thank you in advance.

I see it working without issues in Chrome. Clear your cache please.

I cleared the cache… and it works! Thanks so much Vlad! :slight_smile:

Hang on a second. I cleared the cache, tested it, and it worked. And then when I tried again a moment later, it didn’t work, still doesn’t. This issue is in Chrome. The cache is cleared. What could be going on?

Don’t know. Might be something wrong with your browser. Still works for me without issues.