Social FP: Social profile colour

Hello Vlad,

Brilliant theme.

I am having trouble with the social media icon colours on my site -

I would like to use the reed background with icons, however my icons are currently the same red as the background.

Thank you.


Looks like I can’t access your site at the moment.
Anyway, to change the colors simply click on Edit Row > Theme > Color for the row that holds the social widget.

Thank Vlad… I tried that but it has not worked.

I have taken coming soon mode off… Are you abel to see the site now?

You set it to white from the widget styles, you need to set it from the row styles. Click on Edit Row.

Thank you…

I understand the difference between the row and the widget… I have tried again and it is not working.

Can you please give further directions?

I’m not seeing in your source code that you’ve set the row color to white, or any other color. Try again please. It works for sure, that’s how we have it on our demo site.

When I go Sydney FP:Social Profile > Edit row > Theme > Bottom border colour I am able to vhange it to bright yellow.

When I go Sydney FP:Social Profile > Edit row > Theme > Color of the row I am not able to change it to bright yellow.

Is there a problem with my css?

For example, see

Well, the color shows up for that second page you linked but for some reason not all the code is applied. Try to set the yellow color again and make sure you don’t set anything else after it.

Just wanted to mention I rewrote the code that handles this as I also started to get some strange results. It will be available in the next update.

Thank you Vlad.

In the meantime I have saved my text and reset the site.