Social buttons

Hey Vlad,

On my services page (but not only on this one) I get underneath each service, the social buttons for facebook, twitter and google+. How do I get rid of them?

I don’t see the social icons. Did I miss something?

Thank you!

Sorry, if this is being posted in the wrong place but I can’t find where to ask.

  1. My Favicon covers some my Titles on all Pages/Posts. I have tried to resize and save another but it is not working for me.
    I love this feature and would like to keep it. I appreciate your help. Thank you!
    Sydney Theme

  2. I used an incorrect website in my question about social icons too…sorry!
    The correct website is and I don’t see how to activate the social icons. I could add a plugin but this Theme comes installed.

Thank you!

@maricruzml: Sorry, I missed your topic. The social buttons come from a plugin you’re using not from the theme. If the plugin doesn’t let you control where you want to display them then I can’t help, sorry.

@upsgirl: you’re in the wrong place. Please post your questions in the Sydney theme subforum. Note that there are no social icons to activate in Sydney, there’s only a front page social block but that doesn’t help in your case.

genius! I got rid of them. Thank you!