Social Buttons not working in Chrome

For some reason, the Social buttons disappear on mouseover in Chrome and are unclickable. They play up a little bit in Safari too. I have tested the themes demo and it seems to be the same on there too.

Does anybody know a fix for this?]


Hello there all. I’ve just noticed this problem too. Assumed it was something I was going wrong, but definitely a Chrome problem. It’s working fine in Firefox though. Any fix yet?


It’s not actually Chrome, it’s just a missing line of code from the dev.

.menu-social-container a { display: block; }

Add that to the theme’s .css file, it’s a quick fix :wink:

Let me know if this worked for you too

Hi perrymsb, can you direct me how/where to paste that code?

If i’m in the wordpress admin, I go to appearance --> editor, and then --> ?

I am definitely not a programmer, but do know how to copy and paste :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the help!


Thank you @perrymsb for giving a hint to resolve this issue, appreciate it :slight_smile:

@kevinstock it’s recommended if you put the custom css code using custom css plugin /create a child theme so your custom css will not be replaced when you update the theme

Thank you Awan.
Is there a particular custom css plugin you recommend?

Also, will actiavting a plugin/child theme result in loss of what has already been input into the current theme?

Thanks again for the help!

@kevinstock currently, I am using simple custom css. It’s simple but powerful. Once you install this plugin, you’ll see the navigation for the custom CSS under appearance manu.

Hi Awan, I have done that but it is still not working. I linked an image of the custom CSS - am I missing something?

Thank you!

Custom CSS

the code is incomplete. try this:

.menu-social-container a { 
  display: block; 

That did the trick!

Thank you so much Awan!!

happy to help :slight_smile: