Social buttons and smooth scroller

Hi, I have just started using this theme. I really like it but I have two questions. Where do I find the social buttons, Facebook, Twitter etc? It says “Quill includes social icons so your visitors can find you wherever you are.”. But I cannot find them? :smiley:

Also, I read "The general settings tab can be reached at Customizer > General. It includes a few useful options, like logo upload, favicon upload, apple touch icon upload, and the ability to turn off the smooth scroller."
But I cannot find the ability to turn off the smooth scroller?

Thank you for your help!


Have a look at the demo. To do it like the demo you need to create a menu and add your social links in it. Then use the Quill FP: Social widget and select that menu for it.
Same thing in case you want to use the Social widget for the sidebar, which isn’t marker with FP.

You’re right about the scroller, that option was never added to Quill.

Thank you so much! I will try that out.