Social Block in v1.11 - errors?


Hello Vlad - your team has done great work with this theme. I’ve got it running here:

I just tried adding the social profile block to the front page and am getting some unexpected behavior.

When first adding the social profile block I was given the option to add a parallax background image. I didn’t do that and now when I try and go back in to add one, I am not given the option.

Also the main title decoration color selected in the Appearances>Customize tool is not being updated. It’s stuck on the default color (red) when I have changed it to an orange color.

Finally, I’d like to have those social icons centered. Right now they are set to the left with no option to shift them to centered.

Thanks for your help!



You need to use the Moesia FP: Social. You are now using the one meant for the sidebar.

Cool stuff you do there. I just lost my little drone a few weeks ago :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. You were absolutely correct, I was using the wrong block. Everything is working great now.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your little drone! They can “fly away” for sure. Fortunately for us, we have backup systems and GPS tracking that should take over in the event of a software or hardware failure, or at least help us locate and retrieve the UAV.

Thanks again for your support.