Smooth Scrolling

Hello to everyone !
I’m here for the first time, developing on WordPress for the first time too.
I want to make a onde page site and the links targeting áreas on the same page. I can do this but i wish to have the smooth scrolling effect. I use the Elements Inspector of Firefox and it says that the element has an event listener. I don’t know how to add one on WordPress. I’ve been looking on WordPress original files and I couldn’t find the file that has the menu links on top bar. The web site is:
It’s for a psychologist and it’s in Portuguese.
Thanks for the help in advance .


Smooth scrolling is already included. You just need to look with the inspector and get the IDs for the .panel-grid you wish to link to. Then add those IDs in your menu and that’s it, it will scroll smoothly when clicked.

Thank you Vlad !! It really worked !