Smooth scrolling not working for any of the menu buttons

First, let me congratulate you for this amazing theme - nice work.
Secondly, I had the site working fine in my own PC as well as in my own FQDN external server (for testing).

The issue:

  • The site is now running on it’s final server but the smooth scroll functionality doesn’t work when clicking on the menu links. It just jumps to the target.

Additional information:

  • The menu links, for some odd reason, don’t have the class=‘smoothscroll’. How can I add/force this?
  • for troubleshooting I did add the plugin “Insert Headers and Footers” and included the code provided by one of your members:

, but it didn’t work.

-I’ve tried to access the site in different browsers and in incognito mode, but still no success.

Probably this is just a simple fix that I cannot see.
Any feedback will be most welcome.


Please post a link to your website, so I can check.

Kind Regards,

csaba, thank you for your quick reply.

The website is:

Curiously, if clicking on the small ‘arrow up’ when manually scrolling down (to go up to the top), the smooth scoll functionality works fine…

By the way, the server is running PHP 7.1.8, in case this matters.


Please add only “#about”, “#programa”… as links for your menu items, not the full link, using a full link the smooth scrolling won’t work and now your using links like as link.

Kind Regards,

Hi csaba,

I did try that before as well, as it was suggested in similar issues, but, unfortunately, it does not solve the issue. Even with that change (you can check it online) the menu links make the navigation ‘jump’, instead of ‘scroll’.

NOTE: when I run the site in my own computer or in my FQDN production server, the smooth scroll functionality works with the full links (e.g., using the reference it is just not working in this particuar server…

Any further suggestions would be welcome.



Then that’s a server related issue, maybe it doesn’t support smooth scrolling, or maybe check if you have some extra plugins on the server where you have the issue.

Kind Regards,