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I use Google’s Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc.(+ other social media site tools) to manage my Blog @ to check performance.

Fashionista by aThemes is getting a good deal of attention now, on a day, to day basis.

Google Analytics

However, what I find is that the theme is not Mobile Device friendly.

Any help?

Any help here? I would prefer not to switch my Theme, but to have it viewed by all? It does show up well on PCs running Linux, MS 7, and OS X Yosemite.

Mobile devices are not showing well.

Thanks in advance for your support. Again, I am @

Just to help move this along, here is what I mean:


Should I drop this theme? And, get another one. I thought all of this was Bootstap enabled.


This theme is mobile responsive.

can you please elaborate on the issues you are facing on mobile?


I wasn’t crazy about the way my site looked on mobile either. So, I took the easy way out and used the WPtouch Mobile Plugin. Easy to customize and much easier to navigate on my phone. Not sure if that is enough for you, but it was a really easy tool and worked for my simple needs.

I notice that on my blog,, all the photos in my posts are rotated to their side on mobile devices. Everything appears fine to me on the computer, but from Android and Apple devices, all the photos are flipped. Is there a way to keep the mobile appearance the same as the desktop version? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Please create a new thread for your questions.