Small tweak support needed

Hello. I have purchased the Moesia Pro theme and have a few support requests that hopefully qualify as “small tweak” support:

  • In the projects section, I only have four instead of six and want them 2x2 instead of 3 on the 1st line and 1 on the second. How?
  • Is there a way to create your own fa icons in the services section and/or add fa extensions such as Mfizz?
  • How can I make the little lines under the widget header longer?
  • How can I add some small logos to the footer (i.e. the GoDaddy verification code)?
  • How can I make the logo frame wider but not higher (i.e. shrinking the menu width at the same time)?

site is




Please use this in a custom CSS plugin for the projects and the widget title borders:

.project {
    width: 50%;
.project:nth-of-type(3n+1) {
    clear: none;
section .widget-title:after {
    width: 70px;

Just change 70px to the width you want.

  • Obviously, creating your own fa icons will be pretty hard. Mfizz uses a slightly different format than regular FA, so even if I told you how to load it, it still wouldn’t work with the services section. But we’ll see about adding it in a future theme version.
  • You can add HTML in the footer credits option located in the Customizer. I don’t know what that verification for Godaddy is, but if it’s in HTML you can add it.
  • I might not understand your question correctly, but increasing the logo width will also increase its height, as long as you don’t want to distort the image.

I’ll probably be available tomorrow if there is something here that doesn’t make sense.

Hi. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly, especially on xmas eve!

  • Project mod works perfectly. Thanks.
  • widget title border mod does NOT work well. It adds length to the right, as opposed to centering it. Help?
  • I’m pretty good at Adobe Illustrator so creating SVG files that would work like fa icons would be very easy for me. They are very simple in format. Is there no way to do custom?
  • the HTML in the footer line does not work. I pasted it in the same window as my copyright info and nada. The code is <span id=“siteseal”><script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script></span>
  • Again I use Adobe Illustrator to adapt my logo to the space allotted. I would like to do this here on the site by making my logo wider but not higher. But of course I need space in your menu to do that. What is the existing width-height ratio, and can it be changed?

Thanks again.


oh - and which color setting is for the menu highlight (the color it turns when you mouse over it)?

ok never mind about the menu highlight color. I found it (“Primary Color”???)

Sorry, also add this to center it (35px needs to be your new width/2):

section .widget-title:after {
    left: calc(50% - 35px);
    left: -webkit-calc(50% - 35px);

  • I don’t really know what to tell you about FA. In the services widget we’re using something like this <i class=“fa $youricon”></i> where $youricon is in this format fa-android and it’s the one you input in the service icon field. So you would be basically need to study the FA source and see if you can reproduce it.

  • The footer credits allow HTML, they don’t allow scripts. Your best bet would be to make a child theme and add that code straight into footer.php. Also, make sure you replace with ". Or another simple option would be to use widgets in your footer (A, B, C) and add in one of them a text widget that contains your code.

  • There isn’t a width-height ratio. The space in the menu bar is divided between your logo (33.33%) and your menu (66.67%). In order to change it you would need to add this and change them as you need:

.site-branding {
    width: 33.33333333%;
.main-navigation {
    width: 66.66666667%;