Small translation issue

I have a small translation issue. I am not able to translate the “Previous Article” and “Next article” in the bottom of screen on each article.

When editing the .po file there is not options to translate these two texts ?

Is there a simple way of doing this ?


These texts are not under internationalization and hence you don’t see any options to edit those.

You will directly have to edit the texts from inc/template-tags.php file. The lines which you need to edit is 38 and 39

But you can also do it using a child theme, with minimal change in the parent theme.
To do so you can follow the following steps to make this work with minimal changes using child theme.

– First create a child theme for fashionista following the steps in the above blog, else I already have a child theme created, just download it from Github

– After that is done create a folder named inc inside it and copy the template-tags.php file from the parent theme and paste it inside the inc folder of the child theme. Them edit line number 38 and 39.

After this is done add the following line in the child theme’s functions.php file

require get_stylesheet_directory() . '/inc/template-tags.php';

then go to parent theme’s functions.php file and comment the line number 206 which reads

require get_template_directory() . '/inc/template-tags.php';

and you are done. activate your child theme.

Hope it helps!!

I tried to translate Fashionista theme with POedit but nothing happens.
Two files (ru_RU.po and were created in themes/fashionistas-child/lang folder.
Should I change something else?

Hi Olegich,

Please make sure your WordPress install is in Russian Language ( or the same language you want to translate the theme to ).

Best Regards,

Hi Csaba.
Thanks for your reply.
The WordPress already in Russian Language.
I tried to translate child theme of Fashionista and I have created lang folder in child theme and place language files (ru_RU.po and to it. But it doesn’t work.
The problem solved when I copied ru_RU.po and files to original lang folder (not child).


Yes, the language files must be in the Parent Theme’s folder.

Best Regards,

how can the button on the front page be translated?
for ex. in German should be different as "click to begin"
I know where to change english wordings as the title, but it is not shown in the polilang string translation.



Please add the string manually, or post a link to your website, so I can check what you have done.

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Click to begin

did you mean this?

Thank you


How I see you don’t use Fashionistas Theme ( this is Fashionistas Forums ), please post to the correct Support Forums, so we can help you there.

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