Slugs with categories problem


When I try to present only a subset of services, employees or clients I should be using category slugs. Right?

Now when I enter a slug in the field: “Enter the slug for your category or leave empty to show all services.” the result is that there are no services (or employees or clients) at all on the page. The headline vanishes too.

I tested with different pagetypes but the results were consistent. I also deactivated all possible plugins. But I just can not get this to work as supposed.

So, what can I do?


If you’re adding the slugs correctly then it should work. Could you please send me your link and an admin account at vlad[at] so I can check?

Sent admin account details to You. The site is a plugin-hell for testing.

I finally figured it out. Took some time due to the language. You disabled Categories for the Services (and I’m guessing for the other CPTs) and you added your own taxonomies. The services widget filters the posts by category slug in case you add one.
So basically you weren’t using categories.
This video shows all you need to do.

I dont have the option to set a category on any of the CPT’s. Perhaps I disabled categories on the CPT as well… Could you help me fix it?