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Dear guys!

First of all thank you for your amazing theme!

I have some questions and I really hope you can help me…

I know that when I decide which will be my ‘Homepage’ I have just to go to the ‘customizer’, select ‘Static Front Page’, select ‘A static page’ and then Select my ‘Frontpage’ (and well also the postpage)… Till there everything excellent!

My doubt is that, the page I have chosen to be my Homepage (or Frontpage) has already a “SLUG”, I have tried to cancel this SLUG but without success ? So as per all I have read, I know that the “Homepage has to have NO SLUGS” in order to not confuse Google and also because of your SEO…!, etc.

However, I have also realized that once I have selected my Front page with your easy customizer, when I go to the web I see just the URL (without the SLUG) and so that seems ok!, but when I go to the editor in WordPress the SLUG is still there!!! and I don’t know how to erase it from there! I can just change it by another SLUG… but not cancel it…! Please help!

So trying to resume my questions are:

– Does this SLUG I can’t erase (in the editor) affects my SEO Ranking?
– Why I don’t see the SLUG in the web? Do you do something like a 301 or you just ‘delete’ any SLUG when I select the Front Page (Homepage) as the ‘Static Page’ with your ‘customizer’?
– What happens if I just “change” the SLUG (not cancel it)? Does this change may affect my SEO Ranking I have gained in the last year? (due to Google may understand it like a new link?)

Just something else, I’ve also tried to erase the “title” (you will see in the pic attached) in order to cancel the mentioned SLUG in the editor… but what I’ve obtained is to have “2 slashes at the end” , so this is not neither a solution… :frowning:

I really thank you in advance, because I’m really confuse in this!

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hello Cesar,

I have already answered in this topic:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman!

Thank you for your prompt answer, we talk in the other post!

You are welcome Cesar!

Okay, let’s continue there.

Kind Regards, Roman.