Slow site with Ads and bad result on gtmatrix

Hello Athemes,
I have put Wordads on my site and from that moment i start noticing that the site is slow.
I have been noticing that my visitor are getting fewer a very day so i was searching for the source of the problem and it was the ads.
First i contacted jetpack as they are managing the ads for Wordads they told that i have to contact them. I have send a message to Wordads team they replied me that it’s the theme problem :

Hi Jim,

I’ve spoken to our developers about this speed issue. It appears your site may be loading slower with ads enabled because of the way they are working with your theme.

This is an example of another self hosted site running WordAds:

The ads load quickly and the main difference between their site and yours is the theme. We suspect your theme is waiting for the ads/content to load, before fully loading itself.

As your site is self hosted and using a third party theme, there isn’t much we can do to help reduce the page loading times. WordAds also don’t guarantee theme compatibility.

If you want more advice, I’d recommend contacting the company of the theme. They might be able to give you a better idea of what is happening.

I have tested areview theme it gave better result but i am use to that one so plz help me

Any one here ?