Slow site speed


Can anyone help speed up the load time for my site with sydney pro theme? is the URL

I’ve tried deactivating various combinations of plugins but not much difference.

Google just recorded 44 and 34 / 100 speeds and mainly cited server response speed as the issue. So slow!

I’ve installed a caching plugin to help, but doesn’t help with first load.

Hello @joefolds5,

Looks like your website is much faster now! It gets 74/100 and 79/100 now.

As I can see, there are not many things left that can be improved, according to GTmetrix report.

Can I mark this topic as Resolved?

Kind Regards, Roman.

No, still very slow. I just ran and got 60’s.

it’s inconsistent. one element is ‘emirate render blocking javascript and css’

Okay @joefolds5,

I suggest you to follow the recommendations from GTmetrix report and read GTmetrix WP optimization tips.

Site speed optimization is relatively long and complicated process, so it goes beyond our support policy.

As an option, you can contact Codeable for this kind of service.

Best Regards, Roman.