Slow site.....need help

Hello everyone

I need your help.
I’m having issues with my website :
The website is very slow :

We tried everything we know of to speed it up

  • Optimize DB
  • Optimize images (TinyPNG)
    -Cache (premium version)
  • Minify CSS

Still the website is slow.

I monitored it usin troubleshoot.
Everytime I enable a plugin I got this message : when enabling X plugin, a site failure occured. Because of this the change was automatically reverted.

When I troubleshoot the theme, I got this message : the current theme is broken. Reverting to default theme.

We are using Buddypress plugin as the main feature of our website…is it truly compatible with sydney (I read it was I am wondering) ?

Hello there,

WordPress site speed optimisation is out of the scope of theme support. Because there’re multiple aspects to address – not just theme itself.

You could consult to this codex to find several informations about best possible things to do to speed your site up.

Regarding this, you have to re-install the theme. First switch temporarily to another one like one of default themes. Then delete Sydney from themes list. Hit the Add New button, and search for Sydney.