Slow loads

Really fell in love with this theme, but now I’m ready to break up.

Yesterday, the theme just started to load slow- 20 to 40 seconds slow! server load is normal, all is up to date, even deactivated all plug-ins and it still loaded slow. Opened a support ticket with hosting provider and their support staff encountered the same problem.

The site is:

Yesterday, the theme just started
Things don't just happen :)

Do a quick Google Pagespeed test on our demo site (which is a full demo), then do one on your site. You’ll see there a couple of things that you can improve on your side - independent from the theme.

I also tried your site - it might not load in 0.1s but in no way it takes 20s.

Hi Vlad-

I’ve dome that. As I originally sated even my hosting provider encountered the same problem. The site is taking 20-40 seconds to load. Visit the site and experience it for yourself. Then click on some menu links and the same thing happens.

In fact this link is still not loading …it loaded after 45 seconds.

I tried another theme Twenty Thirteen and the site loads normally with all plug ins activated. So the problem must lie with Sydney.

How long did the site take to load for you? Did you click on any links?+

As I stated before the problem just started to occur yesterday and things do indeed just happen.

What’s the solution? Dump Sydney?

I did check your site, that’s what I said.
Just tried the link you mentioned and it probably loaded in less than 1 second so I can’t really tell what the problem is.

The theme itself cannot load slowly all of the sudden, that’s what I’m trying to say. If it was working fine yesterday and now it isn’t anymore then something changed. Obviously, the theme didn’t change since yesterday.

You must realize we would have 0 users if the theme took 20 seconds to load. Here’s a screencast of your site:

Wow, just saw your rating on Why do you say I made no mention of the load time? It’s pretty clear I did.

Here are the facts:

  1. The site was loading normally until yesterday.
  2. I didn’t change anything.
  3. Hosting provider didn’t change anything. From hosting provider: “The site does indeed load however takes around 20 seconds for me, will look into it and see whats going on as the server load is completely normal.”
  4. Everything is up to date.
  5. The site loads slow.
  6. The site loads normally with other WP themes.
  7. You didn’t mention the actual page load time for you just “it might not load in 0.1s but in no way it takes 20s.” Then how long did it take?
  8. No solution has been offered.

As you can see from my review, which you mentioned, that I really was in love with this theme and raved about it to the world. Now, I’m ready to dump it and find another one. After all, there are thousands of themes out there waiting to be used. However, I really love this theme and want to stay with it!!!

I’m sure you’re trying your best and I appreciate that and thank you for it. Your response time is awesome. Now, let’s try and find a solution.

  1. I meant it’s a decent loadtime.
  2. I did offer a solution to optimize stuff. Obviously, the things mentioned on the Insights are not the cause of a 20 seconds load time.

Have you seen the screencast I posted? I’ve also tried with all my browsers, even older ones and I still get decent loadtimes. I’m sorry, but I cannot do tests or provide solutions for things I cannot see.

How is this page loading for you?
You didn’t mention how our demo site is loading for you?

what’s a decent load time?
How is this page loading for you? : over one minute load time.

So you can see: Sydney theme:
Twenty Thirteen theme:

My hosting service just requested a trace route. I can send it to you privately.

what’s a decent load time?
What you see in the screencast I made is the load time that I always get, no matter how many times I refresh or navigate.

Yeah, doesn’t look good. You can send to vlad[at]

You haven’t answered: is our demo site loading the same for you or is it loading properly?

Let’s try to disable the preloader. I believe there might be something that’s messing with it. At least you can see if the rest is loading properly.

Add this at the bottom of your style.css (Appearance > Editor):

.preload {
      display: none !important;

Your demo site loads fine!

I’ve sent the trace route

Traceroute looks fine. Also ran one myself.

Let me know after you disable the preloader.

No difference at all.

I deactivated the plugins and it still loads poorly.

Running winmtr as hosting service request.

My bad. Use this code instead please:

.preloader {
      display: none !important;

.preloader {
display: none !important;
Seems to work as Site loads faster, but the pictures load slowly, very slowly. Any suggestion on compressing them?

So then the images are somehow the issue.

The preloader waits for all resources to be fully loaded and then disappears. Disabling it with that code shows the website directly. Basically your site loads exactly the same, it’s just not hidden anymore.

Try this plugin, though I doubt it will solve much as your images aren’t that big.

Everything else except the images looks okay on the initial load?

I’ll try it. Thanks!

Just to let you know, the tech support team at hosting provider has identified an issue from the trace route: “Thank you, it does indicate a possible issue, could I have you down one more thing. Download winmtr
and run it for about 10 - 15 minutes, then screenshot the results.”

That may be why the site wasn’t loading correctly and why the pics are loading so slowly. Who knows?

Your support had been magnificent and I am grateful. It would appear the problem is probably now with the hosting provider. Again, who knows.

If the hosting provider should identify a problem, i’ll update here.

Once more: THANK YOU!

I’m going to update the update to the review.

I’m hoping they figure it out. They should have the tools and the necessary expertise to identify such bottlenecks.

Thanks for all your help. The css code you passed me really helped while the site was having problems. I have removed the code as the site is functioning normally. According to the hosting provider, here’s what happened:

The data center contacted upstream in which they confirmed an issue but it was on the return back so there wasn't anything they could do other than contacting other providers who were closer to your location. I can't say whether they were successful but the issue has surely passed. If you notice it again, please do provide the same info so I can get it to them right away although I would have to say an issue like this is extremely, extremely rare.

Vlad, thanks again for all your time, effort and patience. You are so wonderful…as are your themes, too.