Slow loading time on mobile - mobile menu doesn't work for 15-30 seconds


The Sydney theme seems to load really slowly on mobile. Several users have told us that until the page loads fully (stops loading completely), the mobile menu button is also not functional (which is the real issue for us as the rest of the page including images is still visible whilst loading). Is there any way to speed up mobile page load time and/or make the menu button functional even whilst the page is loading?

Also, as a note, all pages seem to load slowly even if they have little content and this seems so occur only on mobile. Further, I deactivated all plugins not relevant to the Sydney theme (apart from SEO) as a test and there was no change in the menu loading time. I have included two of our website pages as examples below:

Thanks for your assistance!

Hello @ashmurthy,

Yes, load time of your website is terrible, here is a report.

I don’t think that it’s a theme-related issue, but did you try to use default theme? If not, please try to activate Twenty Sixteen and see if it loads okay.

Kind Regards, Roman.


I noticed that your slider images are far too huge. Both are nearly 1.5MB large. The maximum resolution should be 1920*1080 px with less than 250KB. You should resize them. Also use e.g. in Photoshop the function “Save for web”. You can also use a free service like
Take care how large all your images are because on mobiles this can take very long. Imagin you’re surfing with 56 KB/s and need to load 1.5MB twice, only for the images.

Best regards