Slider went down

after update my slider went down. i tryed other broswer and chear catche

please help me

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for inconvenience.

We’ve updated the main slider’s structure. Any custom CSS you have applied to it won’t work anymore. Please consider to remove them.


Have you cleared the cache from WP Supercache?

yes I clear my wp cache. I cleared my chrome cache and I also tried firefox


i have apple all there css

[ .widget_sydney_latest_news .roll-button {
display: none;
body > .preloader{ display: none; }
.widget-area .widget {
padding-top: 0;
.postmetadataw, .postmetadata, #commentsbox {display:none;}

.nav-links { display: none; }

.tags-links { display: none; } ]

can you please help me out which one should i clear ?

removed my css but nothing happened …

No it’s not because of your custom CSS.

What files do you have in your child theme? Just the stylesheet?
There’s an easy fix for this but I’m trying to understand why this is happening on your website. I’ve made the same setup as you with the text slider stopped and it looks fine on my end.

By the way, you can go to Customize > Header Area > Header Slider and uncheck the option to stop the text slider since you’re using a big value for the slide time anyway. Now the text slider and the image slider are together.

yes i only have style.css

Okay try what I’ve said above and let me know please.

yes i have single image only nnd my slider was stopped from the beginning. I have set
Slider speed at 40000000

i did that now…

You are the best… thank you so much for the help … I really appreciate :slight_smile:

Okay looks like it works.