Slider Speed


Hi There,

Is there a way of slowing the slider speed on the pro theme… or possibly hold a slide with the cursor… would be really cool then! :slight_smile:





If you go to /js/nicescroll-init.js you’ll find all the settings for the slider. The mousescrollstep propriety is what you want to change, but you can play with the other settings as well.

After you’re done, you will probably want to keep a copy of that file and replace it after the next theme update if you want to avoid making a child theme.



Thanks Vlad. I’m sorry but I’m really struggling to find /js/nicescroll-init.js

I’m pretty new to all this so, it is probably something really obvious…

Could you tell me step by step how I would access it and how?

Sorry to be a pain,



No worries.

Are you able to log in via FTP or from your cPanel and locate the theme folder? Inside the theme folder you’ll find the JS folder which contains that file which you have to edit.

Let me know if you can’t acces your server with FTP or cPanel and we’ll try a different approach.


Hi Vlad. Found the scroll speed function. This wasn’t the functionality I wanted to change.

I wanted to slow down the speed of change between each individual slide comes up on the site… you have the option to upload 5 different images with the theme. I have used 5 here on my site

I want to slow down the speed between each slide change e.g. from the rolling stones one to the Michael Jackson one.

Is this possible?

The scrollspeed seems to change the speed the website scrolls up and down as far as I can tell.

Kind regards and thanks so much for all your help. Really appreciated.



Hello Doug,

Really sorry about that, I completely misunderstood what you were trying to achieve.

In the same folder were you found the file I was telling you about before, you can also find the slides-init.js file. That’s the one you’re after and you need to change this propriety: play: 5000, to the value you want. It’s miliseconds before the slide changes.



Amazing… thank you so much Vlad you are a super star!