Slider speed not working?


I have just loaded the free version of Sydney to one of my sites and it’s great so far although the slider speed is not changing. I have altered the value in the Customize section but it’s still the same speed that it was before. When I view the source, the data-speed variable is set to what I wanted but it doesn’t have any effect. Any chance you could check it out please?

I’ve just set up the site so only have the default Wordpress content but would like to get this figured out while we work on the content.



It is working but it refers only to the image slider. It’s mostly there because people were asking for an option to stop the image slider so they can use a single image. I guess the text one should be included too.

Ah ok, I wondered why the image and text were moving at different speeds!

Is there any way for me to change the text speed myself (i.e. point me in the right place)? Only it’s a bit too distracting for what I want to use it for.

Yeah, though there are a few steps. In main.js you can search for flexslider. You’ll see a 4000 value there. After you make your change you need to compress the contents of the file and replace in main.min.js

Thanks :slight_smile: